YTE® The Original Young Tissue Extract

About YTE®

Young Tissue Extract is the result of pioneering work in nutrition and biologic research conducted over the past 90 years.

Discovered by famous Canadian Doctor John Roulston Davidson and subsequently developed by Norwegian scientists at the University of Trondheim, YTE® is a patented supplemental pure nutrition product featuring a unique, 100 percent natural composition of nutrients and cofactors produced during the first stages of growth after the fertilization and semi-incubation of specific chicken eggs.

YTE® contains all the building blocks necessary to develop a living being within the short span of 21 days.

To produce YTE®, scientists select eggs fertilized naturally under tightly controlled conditions. These eggs are semi-incubated for a period of nine days—the precise moment at which the nutrients of life are concentrated, but prior to the formation of a viable organism. That means no animals are harmed in the production of YTE®.

After nine days, the incubation is halted and the contents of the egg harvested. Separating the liquid from the solid via a cold-process solvent-free centrifugal process yields the initial YTE® extract. This extract is then purified by a cold-process preserving the delicate nutritional components, and finally concentrated and freeze dried to produce the nutrient-dense powder that is YTE®.

YTE® is composed of 80 to 85 percent peptides and glycoproteins, compounds readily recognized and used by the human body for nourishment and support of vital functions.

Nothing artificial is added.

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Remember, if it doesn’t say YTE®, it’s just egg.

Only YTE® features the patented, all-natural composition of critical nutrition found in fertilized semi-incubated avian egg extract.

Only YTE® is the genuine authentic ingredient found in the world’s most beneficial formulas from Health Evolution.